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Digital Marketing Overview

Start as Beginner to become Expert with Updated
Real-time Digital Marketing Course.

Google Adwords

Get ahead of competitor website every possible way using Adwords. Lead Generation, Conversions, etc

Social Media Marketing

Brand Engagement is playing a major role. Learn latest tools in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization

Get Ranked high in Google. To get more traffic to your website. Using Onpage and Offpage Strategy​

Email Marketing

Learn to shoot thousands of emails, reach inbox, generate leads and sales with email marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Advertise your product services using PPC compaigns and increase your web traffic. pay only when you get clicks.

Content Marketing

content marketing is art of business Learn to create attractive Viral Content .

Google Analytics

Tool between Website and Visitors.To analyze the traffic, users,location, bounce rate, etc.

E-commerce Marketing

Sell products on an E-Commerce website,Sell your hobbies and innovation through your site.

Lead Generation

Generate more Leads to grow your Business. Analyse which channel is perfect for your business

Online Reputation Management

Save your brand name online. Big brands too have negative review. Get Rid of Negative reviews.

Youtube Advertising

Searches over mobile and phones are increasing everyday. Appsourcedigital will provide Optimizing website for mobile users.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is marketing of products or services using Digital Technologies to expand your company or website presence everywhere on the Internet. In order to drive more sales and Brand Engagement. Digital Marketing help companies to reach their Customers or Target Audience to measure where more budget spent to acquire a valuable customer.

Appsourcedigital makes you an Expertise  Digital Marketer on various Online channels like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SEM) Google Adwords, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Etc. We train you on Real-time Project with hands on experience. This makes Appsource the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer is a person who analyzes and choose right platform to reach their customers and drive more customer engagement with their company product or Services. Digital Marketing is highly respectable IT profile, where many companies highly depend on digital Marketers to take their business to next level. Digital Marketers are Consultants, freelancers, Employed in MNCs, Start-Up founders, Bloggers, Passive income generators, Affiliates, etc.

Digital Marketing is unavoidable for any Business. Because of their powerful position in driving sales and generating more business, Companies give them the higher designation in the Company as Digital Director. This is only the beginning, soon you would hear a lot of changes will happen in Corporate where Digital Marketer will be respected more than CEO of the Company.

Career Scope of Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketers career is so bright. Many companies ruthlessly started replacing Traditional Offline Marketing team to Online Marketing.

Job Seekers

  • Job opportunities are very wide and a number of vacancies to grow day by day. There is a huge demand in digital marketing company looks for trained and skilled students. More than 20 Lakh job by the year 2020. Rise in the pay package is fast and rapid in this industry. A fresh graduate can begin from 3-4 lakh per annum. One can move up the ladder quickly and earn around 7-10 lakhs per Annum with an experience of 5 years down the line.


  • Your job as an entrepreneur and start-up founder is to build a product that solves a problem, digital marketing will take you reach your dream and achieve your brand and sales equity. Your business might be a product or service; it could be B2B or B2C, your customers are online now. Plan your strategy and target your Customer and give them the awareness about your business and create your Brand with good service. .


  • Digital Marketing for the startup is unavoidable. Many business conference meetups and networking sites will help you to get good Techies and wealthy investors. But to setup everything you need a plan of execution. Prioritize Digital Marketing as the first step in the plan of execution, you could start finding all your support through Social Media, blogs, forums, etc. If not there are lot of challenges would occur through the process..

Scope of Digital Marketing Course in India

Internet Users In India

  • Share of India Population: 34.8 % (penetration)
  • Total Population: 1,326,801,576
  • Share of World Internet Users: 13.5 %
  • Internet Users in the World: 3,424,971,237

India is the youngest country in the world. Thanks to the invention of smartphone which let us become No. 1 internet users in the world very soon. Currently, 42 Crore people are using the internet among 132 Crore population. Now 30% of Indians are using the internet, irrespective of their literacy.

Now Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated Digital India program to encourage internet usage in India. So learn digital Marketing course to use this opportunity and expand business in India.

Digital India in 2020

700 Million people will be using the internet in India by 2020. India’s internet economy will expand to $200 Billion by 2020. Now Indian online market is worth of Rs. 3.6 Trillion will reach Rs. 10 Trillion in 2020.